Saturday, March 17, 2007

my life in Arica laker rose

I am a Ugandan by nationality, an acholi by tribe and a widow of four children. When I was in
my village, things were not easy, the war never granted us peace the rebels attack us stole food, source pan, cloths and burnt the house we were leaving in and flying my life and children was what we could do. I came to Kampala in 1999 and settled in the acholi quarters where am staying up to now. When l settled in acholi quarters l began a stone quarry business from which l get some money to sustain my children and me. Life was so hard since my late dear husband passed away l began to do what so ever comes my way to make a living but still things were never easy life inclusive.

A time came, when a friend of mine told me about life in Africa were l came and finally became a member, l joined the paper beads group from which l later learnt to make the paper beads and now am earning good money from it. Since I joined life in Africa, my life has never been the same. There fore, with the money that I earn from life in Africa and from my stone quarry business, I hereby kindly asking for the loan of 250,000 /= to add on the 100,000 /= that I have to expand my stone quarry business. This, I promise to pay in the period of six month.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Aber Judith

My names are Aber Judith a member of life in Africa. Before I joined life in Africa I was working at the stone quarry for my daily bread. Life was hard because the business could not bring in enough income.

When I joined life in Africa, life changed. I started making paper beads inorder to sell to earn more money on top of stone quarry business. My family life has since then improved, my children can go to school, I can pay house rent and everybody is happy in the house.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Buzu Jennifer

My names are Buzu Jennifer and I hail from west Nile part of Uganda. Am a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Makerere university business school. I came to Kampala around 2002 after finding that there was nothing possible for me in my home district.

While in Kampala things could not come normally. The desire to study and the pressure from burdens due to improper income. I started some causal work to help raise money for fees, rent, feeding and all the requirements needed in life. By good luck, my friend Abalo Florence introduced me to life in Africa that I joined as a member and find that at Life in Africa; there is a lot of creativity. Members teach each other how to make crafts out of recycling materials and I too took the idea. I have learnt how to make bracelets, paper beads and very happy that am now earning some thing.

I wish all life in Africa members and our boss Christina Kirabo the best of every thing
And a call for togetherness.

Aromo Alice

I am Aromo Alice 27 years old a Ugandan and I am Acoholi by tribe. I come from Kitgum District. I am married with three children. Our most occupation is local farming.
I came to Kampala in 2000 as the result of war in northern Uganda. Since then, I have been settled at Banda Zone One, Nakawa Division. Both me and my husband, have been doing hard work like stone quarry and pottery work like carrying water from the well to the area where needed, and the little that we would get from this, had to cater for all our needs including even fees for the children.

It was actually a relief joining Life in Africa, I begun to experience an easy life because instead of doing the very hard job that has all along been our life style, I now just would sit down and do my beads as there was ready market created by the Life in Africa. At least once a week I would go to We center for my group production, this has enabled me to get very many friends from all walks of life, making me get new ideas . I really give my gratitude to the Life in Africa community for coming into my life and bringing this enormous change that I have experience within such a short period.

Ayoo Jennifer

My name is Ayoo Jennifer, I joined life in Africa in october 2005. Am an Acholi by tribe. My home town is Gulu in the northern Uganda. I left Gulu due to the prevailing insecurity and also beacuse both of my parents died. When i came to Kampala, I settled at an IDP camp called Acholi quarters. This is the place where I got the the luck of joining Life in Africa.

When I joined Life in Africa, all my pains and wounds cooled. I can now sell my paper beads every month, pay school fees for my children and also feed on two meals a day. There is great change in my life. Am increasing on my income every other day.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Life in Africa; Kityo Margret

Am called Margaret Kityo a widowed mother of 5 who joined Life in Africa early this year. my husband passed away sometime ago and i was left to take care of all of them. Life was very difficult economically, children could not go and stay in school because, there was no enough fees to keep them there. I had almost no future to look forward to, until I joined Life in Africa.

Since i joined Life in Africa, where i now work with the Invisible Children Bracelet Project as a bracelet producer. i have made new friends, learned lot of new things like making other handcrafts like mats, baskets, bags,sofa set coverings and many more. i had also began to attend adult classes to better my English language and computer skills.

Life in Africa has acted as a spring board for me to see, understand new things. my views of life has changed. my perspective of life, people, society has totally changed and for my benefit. Opportunities are abundant and am taking very good care to exploit them.

My next step at Lia is to see to it that I continue to learn more things. I know from what I have already experienced here that lots of chances are available to improve my life and family. I want to grow myself in new skills and become a better member of society who contributes to the positive growth of community unlike in the passed when all i ever done was to cry and moan all day long, missing out on great opportunity.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Musisi Moreen

My names are Namusis Maureen, I joined life in Africa two years back, and for sure there are no regrets. I’ve leant a lot from my fellow artisans, and most of all Christina has been a blessing in my life. This I remember, at one time on her arrival from the states, she came with good news about the blingo game through which I had a chance of selling most of my products which I had made in tie and dye, I made good profits and for sure I’ve never remained the same. Infact lately am making a lot more from our local materials, which I have been able to sell every month in the African market day every month.

Life in Africa as a role model has created a lot of opportunities to its members. One of which is market for the community that was not readily there, and it is evidenced on every last Saturday of the month. People have learnt how to make different things that brings money to the community and thus every body’s standard of living is improving. I would like to encourage each member to lean on one another’s shoulder so that to develop Lia further

Ocaya Margret

My names are Ocaya Margret, am a widow with 5 children, struggling alone in all aspects to bring up my children, I moved to Kampala in 1991 wishing to get refugee, but unfortunately in 1997 my husband died and life became more miserable. As time went by I started working in the acholi quarter stone quarry, where I’ve been able to earn a living and my children. And yet through hard work I have been able to buy my own stone pit.

A big change came to my life when I joined life in Africa! Here I got myself involved in the paper bead making which has brought better improvement in my life and my financial status. Am now able to meet ends with the things that used to be a burden like rent, school fees, and food, which have improved drastically. My dream is to work even more hard such that I may be able to construct a permanent family house at Awer in gulu.

Life in Africa as a community based has actually done a lot to the community as in bringing people together and training them do recycling products that most people didn’t know. It has become a living activity to the LIA community since there is even already market. May there be further progress in LIA.

Atim Jenny

My name is Atim jenny, am a married woman with four children. I came to Kampala in1997 forcefully when especially neighborhood homestead burnt down by Kony rebels and people lost their lives. The situation was so scaring and to remain was to loose life. We decided to come to Kampala where we settled at the suburb of Kampala known as Acholi quarters. While in this displaced place life has not been good because the way of earning living was not easy apart from stone quarry which is the only alternative to Acholi people in the suburb of Kampala.

But due to God’s will for his People, I joined life in Africa where sign of good life began to appear. I involved my self in learning how to make paper beads that I came skilled in it and has become my monthly source of income. I therefore thank the initiator of life in Africa foundation and wish for every member, supporters and well-wishers of this organization the best.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

George Ovola

Am George Ovola an Acholi who hails from wartorn Gulu district and 26 years old, married with two children and now working with Charity for Peace foundation a night commuter centre taking care of the children and also a youth education facilitator in the camps, helping them in life skills and Phsycology community.

I would like to thank alot the Life in Africa community for joining hands with Charity for Peace Foundation at We Centre Gulu,to change the situation in the centre by introducing so many activities like making of paper beads,straw mats,and so many craft work and more so the break fast club for the children.

As someone working with the children, am really happy that the mothers of the suffering children and we the voluteers are able to make crafts that make some source of income to all members, hence changing the life at home and in the centry. Thanks to all Charity for Peace Foundation members and Life In Africa Founders for having the good vision for the children and comunity.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Munnu Morrish

I am called Munnu Morrish aged 20 years born at Ongako on a sad note. I mean to say I did not sort of live with my real dad, he passed away in 1994, when I was still very young and didn't ever get the love of a father.

I am among the vounteers who founded Charity for peace foundation in 2003.when the inseurity was alarming. By then many kids were sleeping under veranders in Gulu town.I sat for my O'level in 2004 and joined advanced level in 2005 and am actually sitting this year . It's really very challenging to be both a student and also look for ways of sustaining yourself. I really had to look for what to do and luckily enough Life inAfrica introduced the invisible children bracelet campaign and this helped me get through with my school dues.

Since I joined life in Africa We centre Gulu, I have really learnt so many things such as making paper beads,bracelets, and many other crafts. This has changed the whole We team in Gulu and so many are so happy for having learnt new things .Thanks LIA for having come in at the right time.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My life in Africa report by Acaa Serata

I am a married resposible woman with 08 children and I am 49 years old .I was born in 1957 from Nwoya sub -county -Gulu district in northern Uganda.I stoped in primary 7 in the year 1975 and from there I got married. My husband is a bussiness man and I am a peasiant farmer .We both work toward maintaining the farmily and providing for them the basic needs.

I never enjoyed good life in my life time due to the 20 years on going war northern Uganda.You give birth to a child and you start taking care right from the child hood .When the child has reaches 10 years old, the LRA rebel s just come and take a way the child to the bush.This is the problem that most of the farlies has experienced. Secondly,as a farmer you plant crops when it is ready for harvest, another person come to harvest ie the rebel .This has made life soo difficult for the entire people in the north.

I am happy that ,my children are all studying and that is my hope for feature.I also want to comment about Life in Africa and their programme, They have brought in some good programmes such as beads making , strawmat making, bags and soo many things.This in the other way will help to retore back our cultural values which has almost fadded away. I believe it is going to help me farmily, and the entire community of Gulu.

My Life in Africa Report by Josephine lanyero

My name is Lanyero Josephine, an Acholi by tribe, Am 37years old and born in in small village of Pamin- yai in Alero sub-couty, in Gulu distrct. Am a single mother of two children,

I completed my primary seven in 1988, and joined Awere secondary school where I stopped in senior two, then later joined nursing aid school in Lacor and work in Lacor hospital in the department of X-rays as nursing aid.

Later in 2003 when I left lacor , I came and joined Charity for Peace, where I am up to now as matron, and have been a caretaker for the children. Am pleased to say that since may 2006 when Life in Africa came to We Centre Gulu in Charity for Peace Foundation , I have learnt alot of things which has changed my life, example making paper beads, bracelets, and many other craft works. Thanks God for the Life in Africa Founder and members.

My life inAfrica report by Lucy Okello

My names are Lucy Okello, an Acholi lady by tribe and age 51 years old .
Iam a responsible married woman with 08 children and my last born is in primary three this year, my first born is married and now has two children.
My husband is a capenter and he love his job soo much. One of my boy has already taken the ambition of his father that he also want to become a capenter like his father and by this after school when he is at home and the father is working , he stays close to the father so that he learn more

I was born in 1955 from Pabbo sub-county in Gulu district ,northern uganda and my husband is also born from the same sub-county.I gave birth to most of my children from there and at least three children from IDP camp .I stayed in IDP for 05 years and there afterward I came to Gulu town where there are better schools for my children and that is how I came to town. With the experience of staying in the IDP camp for 05 years, I have seen how people in the IDP camps are suffering and I am praying that the peace deal bears fruit so that people go back home and enjoy staying in their home land.

I am a peasant farmer and I love being a peasiant farmer This has helped me to keep my children well and also provide them with school fees and other sevices like medical services. I was not educated but I want my children to study not like I did so that they have a better feature. I also like making table cloth and that is a sourse of income to me ,Lucky enough I was able to join Life in Africa where people are learning a lot of crafts work like beads making, Door mate and other things .

Monday, November 13, 2006

Thomas Odong

My name is Thomas Odong ,Am an acholi by tribe and Ugandan by nationality.I was born in small village called Oboko ,Paibona parish and its found in Awach sub-couty,Aswa county, Gulu district
I completed my primary seven in 1992. and also have a certicate in O level,.
After my O"level in 1996 november, I was abducted by the LRA rebels of which I was in the captivity for period of two years,Through Gods mercy, I managed to escape on the 10th june 1998 and came back home and started a new life.

Never the less in 1999,I joined Teachers Trainig collage, were I attained a grade three teaching certificates. In 2001, I got an appiontment as education assistance grade three in the setrvices .and then posted to Gulu public p.7 school.

I joined Charity for Peace Foundation a night commuter as care giver voluteer in 2003 and up to date am still voluteering, In july 2006 as Life in Africa came and introduced alot at We Centre Gulu, I join the centre and I have learnt lot within the short time I have been with Life in Africa at WE Centre Gulu making paper beads, straw mats polythene bags etc, may God bless the founder of LIA.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Life in Africa Reports by Santa Anying

I am Santa Anying, age 21 years old ugandan ,living in Northern Uganda district
of Gulu.

I started commuting at Charity for Peace Foundation in 2003 and this year 2006 I registered to be Volunteer at Charity for Peace night commuter shelter.This I am trying also to give assistance to the young children the same
way I was helped.

I completed Tallering training for one year , now I am helping Life in Africa Kids boiling milk for them.

My entering into Life in Africa made me to start making clothes for sales to Life in Africa on market day which make me to have some money at the end of the month.

My Life In Africa Report: By Adong Joyce.

My names are Adong Joyce. I am 32 yeas old and was born in Alero in Nwoya county in Amuru district - Northern Uganda.

I am a responsible married woman with 6 children 3 of whom are girls and the other 3 are boys. all of them are alike. unfortunately my husband died in 1997 from the battle since he was a soldier.

From then I was left alone to catter for my childrens wellfare. I have never attended any substancial education for the rest of my klife time. this is because I lost my parenyts when I was stll very young and no one there fore could pay my school fees.

I am a peasant farmer who survive bacsically on growing crops and part of it I usefor payong school feees for my children.

I have been in the conflict region for over 20years now and I have seen alot of suffering that came on as a result of this conflict. I am only praying that the situatin calms down so that we go back home to our mother home land and we begin ourl life a fresh.

I realy became interested to join LIA when I Learnt about them and their activities and since then my life has drastically improved owing to my participatgiom with them. I am also optimistic their programmes will improve my life for the better.

My Life in Africa: By Hellen Akot.

My names are Hellen Akot . I was born on in 1960 from Alokolun in Omoro - Gulu district.

I am responsible married woman with 05 children 02 are girls and 03 are boys.
I am a catholic by religion and all my family members are catholicsand all of us in the familty fear and respect God and we dont miss prayers every Sundays.

I stopped in P3 in 1973 and my husband stopped in junior one level of education. To my supprise, our children rae going beyond the level that we stopped in and they are all very bright and they are impressing us.

Nowadays I am a peasant farmer and do some small scale farming activities her to support our living. I have lived in the disaster (conflict) region for the last 20 years since 1986 and I have seen all the side effects of war.
It has displaced me and the family and nowadays we are renting with in town, which is very costly let alone the hardships in getting the money.

I like having a good friendly relationship and social life. I hate death, conflict, poverty and illiteracy. I generally appreaciate being my self for there is no way we can change that and we can not run away from reality.

I was extremely excited to hear about LIA and and their nice programmes. Their programes has made a great change in my life since its inception and I gladly believe that It will continue to help us so much in the future.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Life in Africa Reports: By Akena Micheal

My names are Akena M.K Micheal. I was born in 1969 from Pece Division , Gulu Municipality and I am now 35 years old.
I am a married responsible man with 02 children of which 1 is a girl and the other one is a boy.
When I was 14-15 years old, I satrted seeing insecurity prevailing, the situation became worst that forced me from Kampala to Gulu In Northern Uganda on foot via Jinja to Lira and to Gulu almost 400kms walk. That was the time when I stopped academics and joined a Technical School at Pajule where I did CJ (carpentry and joinery). I completed the course in 1992 and that was the time I became exposed to the world.
I am a carpenter while my wife is a peasant farmer and I normally work tirelessly towards the susrtenance of my family, I am a well known carpenter in my local area, one day I met Ayaa Grace and she asked me whether I can get grass for making a local houses made of Grass and then I accepted that I know and I can get it for her and then I did that work voluntarily with out requesting for any money.
She then gave me authority to make for making two houses made of local grasses and after completing the work, this has made me to join the organisation that is Life In Africa and thee are alot of good things I got from Life In Africa. They gave us training as volunteer workers, more so they were offering these training to uneducated people and this widened our oortunities and improved on our lives. Secondly they are helping the orphans and thirdly they are training their members by making paper beads, buvera bags and also offering computer training to people.
And these are what I have seen from one of the staff of Life In Africa that is Grace Ayaa, she is hard working cares for every body and she loves children very very much and she dresses according to our culture.
According to my experience in the world, the worst thing I have ever seen is starvation and insecurity, they are my worst friends. Mean while what I have seen and liked most in my life are peace, health and good social and religuous life.

My Life in Africa Reports: By Alanyo Alice

My name is Alanyo Alice, a responsible lady who has 03 children by birth and 04 children belonging to my late sister who died in 1999 with complication in the birth.
I am a married woman but lost my husband in 1998. He was a soldier and died in the DRC when he was for his duty leaving me a widow up to date.
I have never enjoyed life in my family since my husband died and left me to catter for the family, my life has been a hard one and with the challenges that I faced running the family, I under went through series of tense situations that some times could deny me personal happiness.
What is helping me to sustain my family is crafts work ie. making table cloth, bed lines and other things. This is helping me to sustain my family and pay school fees though not effectively.
I stopped in primary six from Lumuli Primary school in Busia in 1984 and got married in 1985.
What I like most are good life, good friends, and sharing ... and what I hate most is conflict and poverty.

My Life in Africa Report by Adong Nighty

I am Adong Nighty 25 years old and single. I was born in Koch Goma, 15 miles from Gulu town. We had to leave my village when my father was killed, unfortunately by the government troops and not the rebels this time, he was on his way back from the town when he met his fate. We then settled near Gulu town near the biggest missionary hospital in Gulu (Lacor hospital).
Life has not been very easy under the single care of my mother with four of us to look after, and we surely couldn't get any proper education given the destituting impacts the war has left on the community of northern Uganda and how schools were displaced here and there amidst insurgency.
I then ended up volunteering for Charity for peace foundation (a night commuter center) in 2002 and still doing that up to now, this was total volunteering and we were not at all paid, so life continued to be difficult as there was no way I could help my mother untill the LIA community came to our center and introduced the IC bracelet project that brought us change over night and in addition to this, we have already learnt how to make bracelets from recycled papers.

Friday, November 10, 2006

My Life in Africa Reports: by Arach Margret

My Life in Africa Report by Ayero Jenifer

I am called Jenifer Ayero, I am living in the surburb of Gulu town now though I was born in the new district called Amuru which was recetly split from Gulu district. I had to leave my birth place due to the war and settled here near the town. I am 34 years old and married with five children of my own and taking care of an orphan. I did not go far with my education partly due to the insurgency and partly because of lack of school fees. I only went as far as primary five.

Life is not very easy with my husband doing petty building and I normally look for where I can grow food when security situation is not so bad, and this really is not enough to sustain us, often we have the children out of school even with the dues as little as 4000/= a term (mainly firewood for food provided at school). Time and again we have to take the risk of going back to our home village 40 miles away to look for food , this surely is so risky as you may come across the rebels , but the children neede to eat.

It was great releif when Life in africa came and introduced to us the different activities, like making paper beads , making bags out of polythene bags and this turned out to be my favourite and the straws which are being turned into hats bags mats and many other things, surely this is not only a way to earn money but it's so interesting that the usual boredom that we normally have is no longer there. To sum all this up, they have introduced a monthly market which is every last Saturday of the month and this buys even our crafts which we could have done privately, this is so great Life in Africa , it's really a big relieve to all of us, I pray that all members will have the same feelings as I do and this is already a way we can help rebuild our war torn area.

My LIfe In Africa Reports ; By Nyega Agness

I am a married woman living with my husband and the two kids I bore with him . I was born in 1975 from avillage called Lace-kocot in Pader district . However , in the field of education , I did not go far due to the financial constrains , that's why I ended up getting married before I thought it would happen , and as at the moment , I have two kids with him .

I was made a manager when my husband invested in a small retail shop OR kiosk which was not a bad Idea though , but as time went on , he abolished the idea and thought of managing a Boda boda motor cycle by himself which made my access to earning money as usual a iron steel to break and hence the only solution was to start selling charcoal to earn me some money to run the family.

My was a member of LIFE IN AFRICA , this made the clean side of it because , he introduced and registered me with LIA as such I became a member and started training making paper beads . However it did not take long only after two months , we started making beads and crafts and so on .

I loved the work of LIA because they made a turning point to my life through allowing us to make paper beads from home and not only that even selling to them as a way to earn a living . Long live LIA , long live AGNESS .

My Life in Africa Report by Adyero Lucy

I am Adyero Lucy,age 35 .I started working as volunteer for Charity for Peace Foundation (CPF) from 2003 upto now. CPF is one of the night commuter centre for younger children and volunerable children.

While I am volunteering at CPF I also do the following for servival:Selling Charcoal , Produce at lower level.These help me for keeping myself and my six children plus three orphant that I am keeping them,because their Father
stepped on landmine and died.Their mother too died in two year later.

Life in Africa come in pertenership with CPF and recruited all the volunteers of CPF and trained us how to make paper beads,buveras bag, Straw mats plus many others. This make me to gained skills added on the one that the invisible children tought me how to make bracelets.In Life in Africa I also learned how to stay in the community with differen kind of people.It also make me have something at the end of the month which improve my way of living.I think in the longrun it would be much better .Because each days I acquire new skills,ways of living ,happiness.Now the all thank goes Christina the founder of Life in Africa and those who help her in progress of the organisation.

My Life In Africa Reports ; By Ajok Florence

My names are Ajok Florence, I was born in 1974 in Purongo Division , Anaka sub-county, Gulu district currently Amuru. I stopped in primary seven. I am a widow with five children. I normally encounter challenges of paying fees, medication, and other expenses. This is because as awidow it's really had to meet every thing for the daily needs of the family.

I am a mother who loves children and they love me too, however as a family without a man, it's necessary that each child has to do some work inorder to sustain the family, I play my part and each also does so. I am a hard working woman and I have confidence in taking care of my family as long as I am still healthy,live and kicking .

I served as a care taker with CHARITY FOR PEACE a night commuter center from 2003 up to date. However, when LIFE IN AFRICA came in I took concern to register with them and soon I became their member and started making paper beads, straw bags to mention but a few. Though I used to make bracelets with the Invisible children, I had to work with LIA because of their good programmes it has for us.
I believe in my self, and LIA with all their programmes.

My life in Africa report by Aber Dorin

My names are Aber Dorin, I am a responsible widow who is taking care of 07 children in my farmily. 05 are mine and 02 belongs to my sister who died in the year 1986, at the onset of the northern war and as is always the case in our culture men can't look after children alone, I then had to take that resposibility.

Since I was born , I started seing that being in the world needs creativity . I am not educated but I am gifted in being a traditional birth attendant and I am serving alot in my area. This has been of great help since with the war there was not enough medical facilities to cater for the overwhelming displaced people.

What I really like in my life are ;- Making friends ,sharing and above all being alive and I dislike death, discrimination, gossip and witchcraft and i try my best always to avoid such places.

Taking care of orphans and being a widow is not an easy job so in my struggle to sustain my self , I learnt about Life in Africa and fortunately , I was registered as one of their members in beads production and I believe it is going to help me so much , already the market days every last Saturdays of the month has brought great change to all the members who always participates in .

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Life in Africa Reports by Judith Acaa

My names are Acaa Judith a thirty eight (38) years old woman, ugandan by nationality.I gave birth to four children which are alife .Me and their father, we are up bringing them .Although there is war in northern uganda, where we are living.
From 1994 upto now 2006 i am living in area of Gulu municipality .I have been displaced from koch Goma which is in western direction from Gulu town.
I bought food stuffs from distance places and sales them to the nearby local markets , like cereleno market, olayi long market. The money will help me for paying my kids fees.
Now i joined Life in Africa,the money that i earned during market day saturday on last week of the month helped me in solving other problems.For this i would like to pray for the existence of Life in Africa in Gulu

Friday, November 03, 2006

My life in Africa reports;by Acayo Beatrice

I am Acayo Beatrice , aged 25, an Acholi by tribe . I was born in Atiak county ,Kal parish in Amuru district though its anewly established.However we shifted to Gulu town were My uncle had bought a piece of land in early 1995 however,this was not due to our wish but due to the constant attact on my village by the lord resistance army which withnessed the killing of my father and an uncle so this was terrible which personally could not keep us there any more.
With the trauma caused by the above it gave me atterible and continious hardship in living in world of sin and forgiveness since I was the first born and lossing a Father at a tender age.

In 1998,I joined the Uganda Red Cross Society has a volunteer .However in the year 2000,there was an outbreak of EBOLA epidemics, so has a volunteer,I was taken to the camps to teach the people about the disease and how to keep away from it.After that,in july 2003 I joined Charity For Peace Foundation has a volunteer and started relocating the volunerable children sleeping at on varanders of town buildings,bus park to the night commuter centre formly at Gulu Public School,though currently its operating at its new site next to AWERE SSS.When LIFE IN AFRICA came in 2005,I registered as a member .

Iam atailor by proffession and unmarried and living a single life.I make bracelets and currently engaged on LIA programmes like making paper beads,straw bags and so on.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Life in Africa Reports by Jenifer Opoka

My name is Jenifer opoka , a 26 years old woman with 3 children before I joined life in Africa members . I was dry fish seller and growing of crops. The money that I got from market some I spent on food and schools .

When the founder of Life in Africa called us parents of children commutting at charity for peace night commuting centre. she introduced to us paper beads making,straw mat making and many others.This also increases my area of earnings. Because at the end of every month saturday paper beads making make me earned, my only wishes is for the project to continue expanding in Gulu as well as to Amuru district . Since it has been created out of Gulu. I am also so happy because Life in Africa filled in the gap that was left by bringing parents closure to the centre.