Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Robert Ocora

Robert Ocora are my names and I live at the Acholi Quarters. I am married with one child. I have been working at the quarrywhen the news about Lifein Africa was brought to my door.Life then was not an easy one, very early at six oclock,I had to be at the quarry and real hectic it was - knocking down the stones with very heavy hammers, and then ferrying it from about 20 ft deep.

But now as a bracelet maker at the Life in Africa centre, I can even imagine am sitting at a computer- no more heavy work , I really feel so relieved - this however is just bit of it. Am now able to pay my rent promtly, school fees for my brother is no longer a very big problem and the greatest achievement in my life is the acquisition of a mobile phone which I would never have dreamt of.

However this did not come by chance , it was through the well thought out plan of the Life in Africa community. I would imagine any change in my life had it not been for them.To be more general,everybody around me who is a Life in Africa member has a great success story to tell. BRAVO LIA.


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